Why does an architect need a digital portfolio?

When the architecture tools have been digitized and moved to the computer and smartphones, then why shouldn’t an architect’s portfolio be digitized? If you are an architect who still uses hard bound paper portfolio and you are confused about whether digital portfolio will be the right move, then here are some of the reasons to convince you that digital portfolio is the way to go:

1. Easy to share

Meeting with all the prospective clients and showing them your work is not just difficult but also time to consume. Instead, when you convert your portfolio in a digital form, you can easily share it with your clients. You can either email the PDFs to your clients or better, put everything on a single website, so you would only have to share the link with people. That way, you would only need to have meetings with prospective clients who have seen your previous work and actually like it – Thus saving you a lot of time.

2. Include testimonials from clients

Putting your digital portfolio online gives you space to add client testimonials to the project as well, giving your prospective clients a clear idea about how satisfied your previous clients are. Adding positive testimonials with clients stating their initial requirements also goes to show how easily you can follow instructions and create a final product that completely abides by them.

3. Incorporate a wider variety of projects

When you have a hard copy portfolio, you really have to decide your top projects and only showcase them, since you don’t want to end up with a 100-page binder. But, that restricts you because some clients may only be looking for certain types of projects in your portfolio. With a digital portfolio, not only can you put your favorite project front and center, but you can also add more categories for clients who may want to see more of your work before finalizing.

4. Show your enthusiasm

In a world where every architect goes into meetings with a hard copy of his portfolio, digitizing your portfolio gives you the edge. Not to mention, it also shows that you are ready to go the extra mile. In a profession where aesthetics means a lot, you can use your digital portfolio design to show your own personal design which may go a long way.

5. Interactive plans and final projects

As we know architecture field no long just uses pencil and paper. Software like AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch-up, Adobe Suites that help architects develop designs and construction documents on their computer which is easily editable, and they can also be brought to life with 3D models of the buildings and its surroundings. Now, if you are already working on a tool on the computer, then why not take advantage of it and showcase interactive 3D models of the projects you have built in your portfolio?

6. Edit on the go

The best part about having a digital portfolio is that you can edit it from wherever you are. If you have just worked on a new project that you are really proud of, then you don’t have to wait a long time to add it to your hard bound project, you can just upload it online, and it will be available for anyone to see.