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What are the most popular Technologies being utilized by Architects, LA and ID?

There is no doubt that architecture has come a long way since dividers, T-squares, and drawing boards. Now, contemporary architecture firms no longer rely completely on paper. Instead, they use software and hardware solutions for a superior workflow in an increasingly competitive market and to give their clients a 3D view of their plans which allows to easily get an idea of what the final design will look like in real-life.

Here are some of the popular technologies being utilized by architects, landscape architects, and interior designers:

1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)


The Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D-based intelligent procedure which allows engineering, construction, and architecture professionals to design, plan, and construct buildings on their devices. When you do BIM, communication, and collaboration become just as important as model creation, using a BIM software. After all, with the volume of information that is created and managed on various projects can lead to a lot of confusion if the architects working on it together aren’t connected properly. When you use BIM for a project, it needs a complete audit trail of every decision, exchange, and approval point making it easy for you to review everything.

2. AutoCAD


One of the most popular tools, AutoCAD is a computer aided software application used in construction, manufacturing, and architecture to draft two and three-dimensional models. The layouts in AutoCAD include a large number of templates that have been specifically designed for building construction and architectural planning. AutoCAD helps architects to design architectural plans meant for construction and these plans can be replicated easily in real-time for quick access. With the newer versions of AutoCAD, builders and architects can take advantage of the analytical tools of the software to analyze different components of the building and troubleshoot any load or stress levels of every support structure of the virtual design.

3. SketchUp


Formerly known as Google Sketchup, it is a 3D modeling application with tools for architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, mechanical engineering and even video game design. There is a free version called SketchUp Make, and then there is a paid version with extra features called SketchUp Pro. The Pro version allows architects to create complex and robust designs, allows import and export, and interactive presentations.



Quickly gaining popularity among architects and interior designers is REVIT, which is proving to be a well-deserved replacement for AutoCAD. It is a building information modeling application developed by Autodesk which allows you to designs buildings and its structures and components on 3D. You can also create 2D drafting elements with annotations and access information about the building from the building model’s database.