Results of AIA COVID-19 Survey How the Architecture industry has been affected.

Majority of residential architecture firms expect interest in new projects to decline in March

% of residential firms reporting estimated change in inquiries and design contracts from February to March 2020

78% of residential architecture firms report slowing or stoppage of projects due to COVID-19

% of residential firms reporting change in prospective project inquiries or negotiations for new projects due to issues
related to the COVID-19 outbreak

About 90% of residential architecture firms have seen problems with current projects due to COVID-19 pandemic

% of residential firms reporting problems with current projects over the past month that seem related to the
COVID-19 outbreak

Main impact of COVID-19 on residential architecture firms so far is increased staff working remotely, limiting in-person meetings

% of residential firms reporting conditions that apply to their office at present

Residential architecture firms expect COVID-19-related revenue losses to accelerate in April

% of residential firms projecting estimated loss in revenue in March and April 2020 due to issues related to the
COVID-19 outbreak