Masks? Commute? Office life in 2020 sparks debate across generations

What will the future of Architectural education be? A special discussion not to miss this Monday featuring leaders of Architectural education. Deans and faculty will be addressing change and challenges facing the Architectural Profession. It’s time to wear shoes to work again. Time to get back in step with a commuter’s routine. Work from home

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Architecture risks losing a whole diverse generation


What are the main concerns of professionals working onsite right now — and how have those shifted since earlier in the summer? According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, the main concern was and continues to be exposure to others. Concerns also differ by generation. Millennials-(22-38 yrs) working back onsite are the most concerned overall, while

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Ten thoughts on the future of practice

Ten thoughts on how Architectural profession may be impacted, and potentially transformed, as a result.The duration and depth of the downturn will determine the potency of the ideas suggested. In February of this year, I gave a short talk to our Yale students about the economy and their employment prospects, suggesting that while all indicators remained strong and

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What is the role of Architecture in Fighting a Pandemic?

MASS Design Group has made available as part of its response is a list of Best Practices for Designing Spaces for infection control. Topic areas include everything from improving ventilation in existing spaces to thinking about materials selection in projects going forward. Amidst the search for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the implementation of large-scale human behavior

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6 Meaningful Ways Companies Welcome Moms Back from Maternity Leave

A Salute to working Mom’s everywhere! Here is how companies are helping new parents: Paid leave 16-26 weeks, Phased Back Return, Onsite Child Care, lactation rooms. Empathetic and understanding managers are a must! Gender diversity is good for business! The phrase is very much in vogue these days, but it’s still an odd coinage —

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From A to Zaha: 26 Women Who Changed Architecture

“Every single day, I have to remind someone that I am, in fact, an Architect. And sometimes not just an Architect, but the Architect.” Zaha Enter the 8th Annual A+Awards for a shot at international publication and global recognition. Submit your projects before March 27th to be in the running. Speaking to The New York Times in 2016, architect Yen Ha

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Fostering Harmony in an Age Diverse Workplace

Architect and Design firms

Age diversity in the workplace is on the rise in Architect and Design firms with a mix of generations working together Boomers, X generation, Millennial, Z generation! A few areas to look at to keep Harmony in this intergenerational workplace mix! Three areas where conflict occurs most in the workplace Communication Style, Work-Life Balance and

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Leaving your Architecture position without burning bridges.

Architecture Position

Some things to consider when it is time to move on. Take an inventory, ask yourself why? Does your answer reflect rational reasons? Were you passed over after picking up the slack for months, years? Do you feel emotionally abused by your boss and/or managers, dreading coming into the studio every day, unreasonable hours affecting

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