What will work look like post pandemic?


Pre pandemic 9-5 workweek is transforming into a hybrid work future mixed with in office and remote.  Workers want more flexibility and work life balance this we at Archipro have to concur having heard it over and over again in interviews with Architects And Designers.  Productivity experts say blowing up the existing structure will not destroy productivity but result in happy more productive workers. Honor work preferences while keeping collaboration and productivity at its peak.

Two models are being proposed for more forward-thinking companies:  The newest of the models is working 3-2-2 in office 3, remote 2, off 2.

The emphasis is on flexibility what works for personal schedules and the wellbeing of workers so they may work at their peak.

*In contrast to China with a ridged structure 9-9-6 working, 9am to 9pm 6 days a week.

Us Job site Flex Jobs showed that 51% respondents reported being more productive at home even working parents.  Plus working more hours has detrimental effects such as decreased productivity and mental health consequences.  Encourage more flexibility and get a healthier happier workforce.

Every office has a different consideration set.  But, instead of struggling to create a hard dividing line between work and life, maybe it is time to combine them.

The second of the two models is a 4-day workweek proposal around since the 1970’s. The4-dayworkweek maintains structure though with less time to be on.

Not everyone is a fan of 4-dayworkweek or 3-2-2.  Some companies including yahoo CEO, conclude lower output equals lower bottom lines.  “If workers can do 5 days of work in 4 days they are not putting in 100% effort to begin with.”  Marc Effron the talent strategy group says it is like rewarding people for being in efficient.

The 5 days in office work structure will be veryold-fashioned soon.  The trial is not about compromising business for growth and wellbeing of workers it is about bringing the best version of yourself to work and to customers.  This will result in having an excellent level of service and output.   The pandemic has brought this change and the way we work with never be the same.