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Company Overview:

At our client company, we are dedicated to nurturing and developing our Associate staff. We’re committed to your professional growth in landscape architecture and your personal contributions to our projects. Our mission is to empower Associates like you to excel in project management, strategic tasks, and creative problem-solving, all while delivering exceptional results for our clients. This job description outlines the essential skills and attributes required for success in the Associate I position.

Required Attributes and Overall Skills:

We’re seeking talented individuals passionate about landscape architecture and eager to grow within our dynamic team. While these attributes are not minimum requirements, we hope to see them progressively develop in our Associate I team members:

  1. Technical Proficiency: Acquire a deep understanding of landscape architecture techniques, tools, and technologies, including AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, SketchUp, and other industry-standard software.
  2. Efficiency and Accuracy: Execute daily tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately while maintaining a solution-driven approach.
  3. Commitment to Growth: Display a continuous desire to enhance your skills and knowledge base through industry-related events and ongoing education opportunities.
  4. Horticultural Expertise: Develop expertise in New England plant material and local horticulture, applying this knowledge in aesthetically pleasing and horticulturally sound ways.
  5. Document Review: Review and critique construction documentation, bid documents, redlines, and construction details. Be capable of self-critiquing work to identify and implement appropriate solutions.
  6. Construction Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in construction techniques and site management aligned with our industry’s best practices, with unwavering attention to detail and budget constraints.
  7. Urgency and Accountability: Act with a sense of urgency while maintaining a strong focus on process efficiency and the accuracy of information.
  8. Project Leadership: Exhibit leadership on projects, taking responsibility for daily outcomes, promoting clear communication, and preventing conflicts within project teams.
  9. Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with the Senior Team to maintain clear communication, design intent, deliverables, deadlines, and project budgets.
  10. Office Protocol: Work with the Senior Team to ensure that office protocols are consistently adhered to throughout the production cycle, upholding GLDI standards.
  11. Contractor Relationships: Establish and nurture relationships with contractors, optimizing project pricing, value, quality, and long-term working relationships.
  12. Problem Solving: Develop proactive problem-solving skills to minimize fee overages, contractor conflicts, and client concerns throughout project interactions.
  13. Design Fundamentals: Possess and consistently demonstrate a strong foundation in design and development, favoring COMPANY’s style.
  14. Conceptual Design: Actively contribute to the conceptual designs of your projects and maintain the design intent throughout each project.

Process of Associate Level Development and Interaction:

Associate Levels: Each Associate will be assigned to one of three associate levels based on an assessment of their skill set, determined by the aforementioned criteria. At the end of each project, the project team, led by the Senior Associate, will review each Associate’s role and responsibilities to provide real-time feedback specific to that project. This feedback will highlight best practices, contributions, and opportunities for skill enhancement. Additionally, two formal reviews (mid-year and year’s end) will be conducted by Principals and Senior Associates, offering critical feedback to each Associate.

Associate I Responsibilities:

  1. Collaboration: Effectively work with the Senior Team to communicate clearly regarding budgets, deliverables, design intent, and all applicable codes and regulations.
  2. Construction Package: Advance construction package production with some instruction, ensuring precision and adherence to COMPANY’s high standards.
  3. Detail Orientation: Demonstrate a strong eye for detail in all deliverables, maintaining precision and accuracy.
  4. Horticultural Knowledge: Develop a solid understanding of New England plant material.
  5. Office Protocols: Follow office protocols consistently and with discipline.
  6. Technical Proficiency: Exhibit proficiency in COMPANY’s production techniques and technologies, including hand graphics, computer skills, and production methods.

Join our team and embark on a journey of professional growth and achievement in the landscape architecture field. Your dedication and commitment will contribute to the success of our projects and clients.

Submit your application today. Contact Jaime at [email protected] or call 866-966-2488 to start forging an extraordinary legacy.

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