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Construction workers and architects may build homes, offices, and other buildings, but to make that space look and feel its best you need an interior designer. Interior design professionals don’t just improve the appearance of indoor spaces, they also ensure they’re safe and easy for people to navigate, and functionally support the types of activities that will happen there. This makes interior designers a crucial role for architecture firms, construction companies, real estate agencies, and anyone else in the business of creating spaces. It’s also a challenging role to recruit, especially in large US cities like New York or Los Angeles and areas like the Pacific Northwest, where this talent is in high demand.

Working with an architecture and design recruiting firm like Archipro can help companies who need interior talent hire the right people for their roles. We only recruit design and architecture candidates, and that tight focus translates to a high level of industry expertise. Our proprietary database of candidates includes some of the top design professionals across the nation, who are ready to put their talents to work for your company. For each search, we work with hiring managers to develop a personalized recruitment approach and stay hands-on throughout the hiring process. When you work with Archipro recruiters, you can count on us to deliver candidates who have the right skills, experience, and culture fit for your organization.

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Archipro is an executive search agency that aims to connect companies with top design leadership talent. While our primary focus is on direct permanent placements, we also understand that many companies in this industry need talent on a short-term basis, and can fill contract-to-hire and project-specific roles, as well as design positions at any level. This is one benefit of our personalized recruiting process. Archipro provides the staffing and recruitment services your company needs, when you need them.

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