theres a ton of sites out there providing space for creatives like architects and designers to look for jobs but archipro seems to know more about the employers and where one would fit in best… they interviewed me for a job in a way that really allowed me to tell my story and let my abilities shine through

I worked with Leslie Swisher while I worked at OBMI at a time when our international offices were growing and specialized talent was hard to find. Leslie not only understood our needs and culture, she also made it a priority to provide great results with a personable touch. I highly recommend Leslie as a business partner because of her results, personal service, expertise and the overall good value she brought to our organization.

The best thing about Leslie is that she cares so much for each individual and will work 200% to see them reach their career goals. You can find headhunters anywhere, but to find someone that actually works with your individual strengths and experience to find what you really want…now that is priceless.

Jaime has a unique and uncanny ability to seek out and connect companies to talented individuals in her market. She is extremely knowledgeable, diligent and very thorough. The time and effort she puts into finding the right fit for both parties is second to none. Her communication skills are top notch. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new opportunity, or if you’re a business owner, to add to your current talent pool.

Jaime is an amazing guide through the job search process. She goes well above and beyond to counsel the talent she represents. From guidance on my resume, advice on communications and negotiations, to being a representative voice she exceeds all expectations. She provides a personal touch that lets you know she is fully vested in your success and finding the right fit for both the individual and the company. Her extensive experience provides high quality reference points for navigating the most difficult of job markets. Jaime is the utmost professional and is a great representative of Archipro. Between Jaime and Archipro they put the client first at every possible level. Jaime invests herself personally into the client’s success with consistent and thorough follow up in all manners. Working with her truly inspires you to succeed.