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Are you an impassioned and skilled Landscape Architect seeking new horizons? Do you have a knack for sculpting awe-inspiring custom residential spaces that harmonize seamlessly with the distinctive New England landscape? We’re on the lookout for a visionary and accomplished Residential Landscape Architect to join our acclaimed team at the intermediate or middle-career level in our second office located in Chatham, MA.

Our Identity: As trailblazers in landscape architecture, we breathe new life into enduring principles to craft spaces that resonate profoundly with our valued clientele. Our unyielding dedication to excellence has garnered us recognition and a thriving enterprise that continually redefines the limits of creativity and quality.

Your Impact: In this pivotal role within our landscape architecture cohort, you’ll orchestrate the entire journey of projects. From initial concepts to project management, construction documentation, and permitting, you’ll wield the helm and chart the course to transform dreams into reality.

Who We’re Seeking:

Expertise and Experience: A minimum of seven years in landscape architecture, with a preference for a focus on residential design and execution. Your rich experience pairs harmoniously with your fervor for pushing boundaries and reimagining possibilities. Local Wisdom: The essence of New England’s landscape runs through your veins. Your intimate understanding of the region’s idiosyncrasies ensures that your designs organically meld with their surroundings. Craftsmanship: With your hands and digital dexterity, you’re an artisan. Your touch generates presentations that enrapture and ignite inspiration. Pioneering Vision: You’re not just a landscape architect; you’re an avant-garde visionary. Your ideas and aspirations have the potential to elevate our enterprise to unprecedented heights.

What Awaits You:

Unleash Your Potential: Beyond a mere job, we’re offering you a platform to exhibit your brilliance and shape the very course of the industry’s future. Realm of Creativity: Our projects redefine the contours of design, allowing you to push the envelope of creativity beyond all boundaries. Harmonious Collaboration: You’ll collaborate with an ensemble of dynamic experts, each as impassioned about design as you are. Together, we’ll weave enchantment. Avenue for Growth: We’re unreservedly devoted to nurturing your growth. With a regular exchange of feedback, formal evaluations, and exposure to industry events, your journey alongside us will be a journey of perpetual evolution.

Desirable Attributes and Proficiencies:

Technical Ingenuity: Adept in industry-standard tools such as AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and SketchUp. Your proficiency in technology and design will be your emblem of distinction. Efficiency and Precision: You’re a troubleshooter with an eagle eye for precision. Challenges are met with promptness and exactitude, ensuring every solution is unparalleled. Perpetual Learner: The status quo leaves you unsatisfied. You proactively seek knowledge and growth, attending events and seizing opportunities to metamorphose. Botanical Guru: New England’s plant life is your domain. Your comprehension of horticulture crafts designs that are both aesthetically captivating and ecologically sagacious. Construction Acumen: You grasp the intricacies of construction and site management, transmuting designs into pragmatic, budget-conscious solutions. Leadership and Communication: A natural leader, you shepherd projects with lucidity and potent communication. Conflict mitigation and resolution are second nature. Design Passion: Design brilliance courses through your veins, and you possess a resolute grasp of our design ethos. Your contributions to conceptual designs are of immeasurable value. Client Rapport: You’re not merely a landscape architect; you’re a client confidant. Your results-driven demeanor fosters trust and yields outcomes that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Join Us on this Odyssey:

If you’re primed to embark on a journey that not only elevates your career but also metamorphoses landscapes, seize this opportunity at the vanguard of innovation. Your prowess merged with our collaborative spirit, will shape the landscape architecture of tomorrow. Together, let’s reshape landscapes, one visionary design at a time.

Submit your application today, and let’s forge an extraordinary legacy together.

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