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People from all over the world come to Los Angeles to see both its historic and modern architecture. There’s plenty of new growth in this sprawling city, too, which is the largest contiguous urban area in the US, covering more than 2,200 square miles. That’s a lot of space for new construction, and the sheer size of the market is one challenge for companies that need to recruit fresh architecture talent for their LA projects.

This is where experienced architecture recruiters like the ones at Archipro can be an asset. We have a network of exceptional architecture talent with the construction, engineering, and design expertise that companies need on their team. We don’t just know where to find architecture candidates but also what they look for in an employer, while our tight industry focus gives us a deeper understanding than a generalist staffing agency of what makes someone a perfect fit for a position. Our clients include some of the top design firms and studios in Los Angeles because they know we’ll deliver results when they hire us for a search. Whether you’re a firm who needs help solving your recruiting challenges or an architect looking for career path guidance, get in touch with Archipro today to find out how we can help.

The Archipro recruitment process

Every design firm is different, and the same is true of their recruiting needs. Archipro provides hands-on recruitment services that are personalized to meet the specific requirements and constraints of the role. Once we fully understand the opportunity, we utilize our proprietary candidate database and nationwide referral network to find professionals who are a perfect match. By the time we send resumes to the firm’s hiring team, they can already count on the candidates having the skills and background they need. We maintain that same personal touch throughout the recruiting process, providing white-glove direct hire placement services that keep our clients coming back whenever they have a position to fill in the architecture world.

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Find and recruit the best candidates for your open position with our targeted hiring tools and services. With a huge database of talent, specialized screening tools, evaluation and portfolio review, you’ll be able to spend fewer resources on the hiring process and more time focusing on your clients’ projects in Los Angeles.

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Seasoned architects, recent grads, landscape architects or professionals in interior design, Archipro puts your resume front and center before architectural firms across the country. Your resume will be available to employers looking for your specific skills. For over twenty years, we have helped numerous professionals find architectural, interior design and landscape architecture jobs.

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